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AimPoint Technologies’ Mobile Application

Last week I briefly mentioned a company, AimPoint Technologies, and its advancements in the golf broadcast sector of the sports industry. Specifically its Emmy Award winning predictive put technology. However, as I dug deeper into AimPoint’s website I discovered a great mobile application that the company has developed exclusively for use on the iPhone. AimPoint’s mobile application has three distinct uses to help golfers, Electronic AimCharts, Video Tips, and Instructor Listings.

Electronic AimCharts:

“The AimPoint app is an electronic version of the AimChart, showing expected break amounts in both English and Metric values as well as breaks on all three primary green shapes. It allows you to use green speeds of 8 thru 14, and grades of 0.5% to 4.0%.” (source) This means that both professional and amateur golfers can have a better understanding of how the ball will break depending upon the contours of the specific green that they are putting on.

Electronic AimCharts screenshot

For professional golfers, this can serve as a valuable tool for practicing on courses before a tournament is held in that location. Pro golfers can utilize this app while practicing to understand how and where the ball will break, as well as how fast the ball moves on the putting surface. By taking advantage of this technology during practice rounds, professional golfers can obtain an advantage heading into tournaments as they will understand the nuances of each putting green and can obtain a mastery of the course. An advantage that would certainly be well worth it considering the large monetary sums players can win. For example, the winner of the 2011 Masters Tournament is slated to earn $1,440,000, while second place earns $864,000 and the earnings continue to wind down quickly with the 48th place finisher (the final “in the money” player) earns $21,920. (source) For the more casual and amateur golfers, this technology can certainly help improve people’s short game and make the game more enjoyable. Moreover,  it enables people to use the same technology that professional can use at the affordable onetime price of $29.99.

Video Tips and Instructor Listings:

These two sections are focused on amateur and casual golfers as opposed to professionals.

Video Tips screen shot

Like the name say, the Video Tips portion of the application allows users to watch short videos featuring advice from AimPoint’s “senior golf instructors as well as some of golf’s greatest short game instructors“. The Instructor Listings section of the application allows people to find the closest AimPoint instructors to help them master the use of AimPoints technologies and techniques in a hands-on manner. It also gives people the options of getting a list of all instructors by state.

Instructor Listing screen shot

This gives people to see where each AimPoint instructor in the state is located and allows a greater variety of choice between instructors whose hands-on instruction is critical to becoming an expert green reader.

While only one portion of this application is truly aimed at professional golfers, it is equally valuable for amateur and casual golfers as well as for caddies. This is just another demonstration of how AimPoint Technologies continues to lead the way in developing innovative technology for the game of golf, its players, and broadcasters.